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Dinosaur set

This set is so cute. I got them for my nephew. I love how detailed they are. The legs on them move and some of their heads can turn as well. I like the fact that you can rotate the long necked dinosaur because it makes for good animation while playing with them. Some of the tails can rotate as well.The box that they come in makes them look like they are back in time. There is a story of the history of dinosaurs on the box that you can read to your little one. You get a total of three (one smaller sized, one large and one medium). You also get two pieces that looks like mountains or rocks. These can be a easy to keep toy in a backpack for a road trip, beach, park and more. They are light weight and easy to take on the go with you. Overall, these are a cool set of dinosaurs that I would recommend for your kids or family. You can get them here


Bike pump

This pump can be useful for many things. I got it because me and my daughter have recently liked playing basketball and are trying to stay more active. I can use this on my bike and the other sports balls we have. I love that this comes with two needles because I have lost one before so it is good that this comes with a backup one. It has a handle that flips outward so that when you pump, you can have a good hold on it. This moves smoothly and works great. It has a bike side mount on it that can come handy when you are running low on air when riding your bike. You also get a small LED light that you can use at night. It already has a battery in it so it is ready to go when you get it out the package. The light has three settings and the color is red. Overall, I like this light weight pump because it works good and is easy to travel with. You can get you one here:

Measuring Cups and Spoons

measuring cupsI got these measuring cups because I like to bake and cook every now and then. The handles are sturdy and at the ends of them they have an opening that you can use to hang them on your kitchen tool holder. They are a space saver also because they collapse so it is easier to put in any drawer. They are easy to pop open. The measuring of each one has the measurement imprinted  on the inner bottom part of it; the imprint is large and easy to see. You get a set of 8 and they are colorful. These look great and work great. I would recommend them. You can get them here

Himalayan light

This Himalayan lamp is more than I expected because I really enjoy the fact that you can dim this one. I have had one before but it did not have that capability. It is really nice to use because when your ready for bed you can dim it to a lower setting and still enjoy it without it being too bright. I also love the fact that it comes with an extra bulb so that when the other one goes out, you can already have a replacement one ready. The dial for the brightness is on the cord and it is easy to twist it to what you desire. The soft orange color that it gives off is very relaxing. I have heard about the different benefits of having a Himalayan lamp like how it can purify the air and help with depression and more. Overall, we have been really enjoying this lamp and would highly recommend it. You can get one here It is worth it and you wont be disappointed.

Great Cushion Seat

I got these seat cushions because they can be used for other seats besides stadium ones. These provide enough cushion so that you are not sitting on hard cement or plastic. This is very light weight and easy to carry because it has a strap on it that you can use to hang over your shoulder. On the back part of it, there is a net that can hold your cellphone, papers and more. This can be rolled up when you are packing it in your car. It can fit into a backpack depending if it is big enough. I was able to fit it in one of mine. The straps have a velcro part on it that you can use to keep it held together. You can get it here When you take those off then it can be unraveled. You can use it on a chair, bench or on the ground to protect you from sitting on grass, sand and more. This also helps with providing some back support. Overall, I would recommend this because of the ease of carrying it with you and the comfort it provides. I received this product for free and chose to share my personal experience from using it.

Love these mugs

20161001_190636These cups are so good to have because you won’t ever have to worry about them shattering like glass. My dad has broken countless amounts of glasses in our house and it has been better to have these because you won’t have to worry about them breaking. I used these to drink my tea, juice, milk and more. They are very easy to clean and I love the style of them. They are light weight and the handles have an indent on the top where you can place your thumb and hold it comfortably. The soft colors that they come in gives it a natural look.You can get them here You get a total of four that can hold 13 ounces of liquid in them. The unique thing about these is that on the top of the handle it is also slanted in a way so that when you are done cleaning it, you can place it upside down on the side to let air comes through and dry it. Overall, these are my favorite mugs in the house and I would highly recommend them. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Great quality bag

I was really impressed with this bag when I got it. I love how it is designed and how much space it has in it. You can carry this two different ways; one by hand using the handles that on them and the other is by the shoulder strap that it has. I love that you can take the strap off if you are not used to carrying it that way. Both feel strong and durable. This has two three sleeve on it and one of them are detached from it. You can get one here They are large enough to hold documents. The detachable one, I have used to hold my ipad because it fits in there perfectly. They close by magnets, making it easy to open. The zippers are thick and easy to hold on to. The inside has parts that you can use for smaller items like to hold a cellphone, calculator, a few business cards and more. It is easy to reach in and get what you need out of this. There is also a part that is sectioned off that can be used to hold a thin notebook. Overall, this is one great handbag and I would recommend it. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.