Great quality bag

I was really impressed with this bag when I got it. I love how it is designed and how much space it has in it. You can carry this two different ways; one by hand using the handles that on them and the other is by the shoulder strap that it has. I love that you can take the strap off if you are not used to carrying it that way. Both feel strong and durable. This has two three sleeve on it and one of them are detached from it. You can get one here They are large enough to hold documents. The detachable one, I have used to hold my ipad because it fits in there perfectly. They close by magnets, making it easy to open. The zippers are thick and easy to hold on to. The inside has parts that you can use for smaller items like to hold a cellphone, calculator, a few business cards and more. It is easy to reach in and get what you need out of this. There is also a part that is sectioned off that can be used to hold a thin notebook. Overall, this is one great handbag and I would recommend it. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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