Great Cushion Seat

I got these seat cushions because they can be used for other seats besides stadium ones. These provide enough cushion so that you are not sitting on hard cement or plastic. This is very light weight and easy to carry because it has a strap on it that you can use to hang over your shoulder. On the back part of it, there is a net that can hold your cellphone, papers and more. This can be rolled up when you are packing it in your car. It can fit into a backpack depending if it is big enough. I was able to fit it in one of mine. The straps have a velcro part on it that you can use to keep it held together. You can get it here When you take those off then it can be unraveled. You can use it on a chair, bench or on the ground to protect you from sitting on grass, sand and more. This also helps with providing some back support. Overall, I would recommend this because of the ease of carrying it with you and the comfort it provides. I received this product for free and chose to share my personal experience from using it.


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