Callus Foot Remover

20160831_093137This foot callus remover was not harsh on the heel of my feet although I had rough built up on them. This was easy to use because it has only one switch on it to turn it on. This comes with a small brush to help keep it clean, a second remover head, cover for it and a usb charger cord. The head is very easy to change because you only need to press the side button and it will come off. This does require a long time for charging but you can use it for up to thirty minutes once it is charged. You can get one here This got the hard dead skin off and helped my heels to feel softer. I like that this is rechargeable because I won’t have to keep going out to buy new batteries for it when they are low or dead, you can just recharge it. I also like that this is waterproof because that make it easier to clean. I have been able to use this several times and it still has not worn out so it does seem durable. I gave this four stars because if you apply pressure it will halt and there is a high pitch sound that comes from it when it on. The solution that I found to the sound is to just hold the side of the head downwards while you use it. Overall, it does work. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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