Cute soap

Washing your hands is a big thing for us and when I came across these I like the look of them. You can have these just for display because the small soaps are shaped into stars and they look pretty in the jar or you can have them for yourself or the kids. I got them to help encourage the kids to wash their hands. I noticed that my daughter really likes using these because they are small and easy to wash with. It has a light lather that you can get and a light scent. Some are thicker than other and they come in different colors. You can get them here I like that they come in this pretty small jar that you can see through. Each star has been good enough for more than just one hand wash. I used them and after washing my hands with them they left my hands feeling clean. I do like that the scent is not overbearing. Overall, this is a nice set of star soaps and I would recommend them. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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