Light up balloons

I got these for the kids to play with. I thought they would be excited to see balloons in a different light, literally. They liked them because the lights worked and it was simple to set up. When you pull the tab out be careful doing so because the batteries came out; I was able to put them back in and she was playing with it when the top part came apart again and then popped because of the pieces that came out. You can try to put a little duck tape on the casing before you blow them up to see if that will keep them closed.You can get them here You get a total of five and each one can be blown up to about 9 inches. You get different colors. They stay blown up and lit up for hours. We had one to stay lit up the whole day. You can use these on a special occasion like graduation, family reunion and more. They are light weight and easy to blow up. My daughter was able to blow it up by herself. I think that these are better to have decorations than having them tossed around. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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