Good BBQ Set

20160822_171805This is what we needed because before we were using a regular fork to turn meat over and some of our forks were getting bent. I like that everything fits in the case that it comes with. This is a 19 piece set that can have you ready for your park, beach or patios barbequing. The case feels sturdy and strong. On the inside each tool has a molded spot for it to hold it in place. The thing that I like most about this set is that most of the handles are long which is good because it gives you a longer distance from getting an accident like getting burnt. Each tool also has a wood like look material for the handles that are not the best but still useful. At the end of the fork, knife, spatula and brushes there is a string that you can use to hang them on stuff. You can get one here The hard brush helps clean the grills by getting the stuck on food off. I like the idea of the small corn kob holders because I have never seen them before but it does make it easier to get a good hold on the corn while you are eating it and it is less messy. The skewers are good for marshmallows or kabobs. Overall, this set has been helpful. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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