Love all the features

If you go camping often then you should get this. You don’t have to only use this for camping; you can use it for a variety of other things like blackout emergencies, car trouble at night, night light and more. I got this because I wanted to have it for emergencies. I remember the last time we had a blackout; we only had one candle for the house. This is perfect because it has the cranking so that it can generate power. It cranks up smoothly and has a handle that comes out from the bottom of it. The other way to power this up is by charging it through usb. You can get one here
This comes with a charger usb cord. I had charged this up through my laptop. This has a small handle that lays down on the outer part of it. You can use it to carry around, hang in your tent or on something else when you need it above you. This has two settings for the light; one- low and two- high. You can use this as a lantern by pulling the top and bottom apart and it will start to expand. When it is collapsed, you can use it as a flashlight. On the side there is a rubber cover that you can pull back to charge this or charge your device like a phone. I would recommend this. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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