Great travel set!


I love this pillow. I got it because when we do travel long distances it is hard to have my head in a comfortable position so I end up using a jacket or shirt and that provides little to no support. This provides you with head and neck support. This is firm but yet soft and I really enjoy this type of material because it does not sink your head down. This comes with a sleeping mask and ear plugs. The ear plugs are easy to put in and they even had instructions on the plastic package that they came in.You can get you one here on amazon.The sleeping mask fits inside the bag that all this come in. It has comfortable material on it and it helps keep the light from distracting your rest. The material on the neck pillow is soft and smooth. It was very easy to roll up and button it closed to place it back into the bag it comes in. I would recommend this great set for travelers, campers and more. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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