The best ip camera to have

This camera has many features and the ones that I like the most would be having the ability to rotate the camera. This camera will let you direct it to the direction that you would like to see on your phone. You can even turn it upwards or downwards. The audio was louder than I had expected it to be. I tested this out and didn’t have any problems at all. It took me less than twenty minutes to set this up. This comes with the screws and mounts for it.I did not mount mine because I found it to be simpler to place it on my desk since I can control the direction of the camera.I got this here You can use this for many different purposes, one being for your puppies. This helps put ease to your mind because you can see how your dogs or puppies are doing and the great thing about this is that you can press the microphone image on the app and speak to your dogs while you are gone and they will be able to hear you. This has night vision that transitions automatically when the atmosphere is darker. The night vision is just as clear as the day. Another great feature that this has is the ability to take pictures of what the camera is recording and it will save directly into your phone. The pictures will also show a time stamp on it. I would highly recommend this product. I received this product at  discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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